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Marker Config Menu disappears


when I open the marker menu to edit settings it disappears after a few moments(not same time).

To be exact the RTSA-Suite comes to the front and hides the marker menu behind.


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Which version of the RTSA-Suite is that?

The marker settings window is a modal dialog that should always be in front of the main application window, which is how it behaves here. Even if I try I cannot get the application window in front of the marker dialog.

Thanks for reply.

My version is 2.2 11785 and I also cannot get the application window in front of the dialog, but as i mentioned before, after some time it happens by itself.

Thanks for helping

Ok, I can observe this behavior in that version. But it doesn't seem to be a focus issue as described initially, as even when the dialog disappears it is still not possible to interact with the main application window, and windows still shows the dialog as having the focus.

Rather the dialog seems to disappear completely. Unfortunately so far it seems to be random when this happens, attempts to trigger it on purpose mostly failed. Which makes it hard to validate if this is already fixed in the more current development versions where so far I haven't seen this issue.

How can I update to a newer version?

Send a request to [email protected] to ask for a beta version.