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linux install error

When installing the RTSA-Suite PRO - Stable (Linux), I get the following error ~70% into the install process:

Creating local repository into elevated permissions directory: /opt/Aaronia/RTSA/repository is not supported.

After the process completes, running the app fails to launch (after prompting for root, the process terminates and nothing is started)


That error message is normal when the installer is run as user instead of root (unfortunately).

Please try to launch the RTSA using the following command line in a terminal window:

sudo bash -x /opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/

and post the full output of that command if it doesn't work.

looks like I'm getting a core-dump with an illegal instruction -

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS on x86_64 MacBook Pro

The output is attached below:

$ sudo bash -x /opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/ 

+ touch /tmp/AaroniaStartTime

+ [[ 0 > 0 ]]

+ dpkg -s libxcb-xinerama0

+ exit_status=0

+ echo

+ '[' 0 -ne 0 ']'

+ echo 'Setting usb memory pool size to 128 MB'

Setting usb memory pool size to 128 MB

+ echo 128

++ basename /opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/

++ sed 's,.sh$,,'

+ appname=Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO

++ dirname /opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/

+ dirname=/opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO

+ tmp=opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO

+ '[' / '!=' / ']'

+ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/lib


+ /opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO

/opt/Aaronia/RTSA/Aaronia-RTSA-Suite-PRO/ line 33: 44539 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) $dirname/$appname "$@"

Ok, can you check which exact CPU model you have in your Macbook (run "grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo" in a terminal)? The RTSA requires the CPU to support AVX2 instructions. This is the case for most Intel CPUs released in the last ten years, but if your Macbook is from before 2013 you might be out of luck.

This was changed recently and unfortunately not properly reflected in the official system requirements. Depending on your CPU model, RTSA versions released before December 2021 (before might still work as they only require AVX1. Please let us know if you need an older software version.

ah - makes sense - i initially thought to run it on an older laptop that solely has the AVX1 instruction not AVX2.

Just a thought, it's trivial to open /proc/cpuinfo and determine if the instruction is there or not verifying that the software will successfully run - perhaps that would be a nicer install process than SEGFAULT on Illegal Instruction 🙂


Yes indeed!  Will be checking for the AVX2 in the next build to come.

Sorry to hear about the installation error you're encountering. It seems like there might be a permission issue with creating the local repository directory. Have you tried running the installation process with elevated permissions or using the sudo command?If the issue persists, you might want to reach out to the developer or support team for the RTSA-Suite PRO. They may have specific troubleshooting steps or a workaround for this issue.By the way, if you ever need a Windows key, check out this windows 11 pro key seller. Just in case you're considering exploring other options.