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RTSA-Suite PRO File Format (IQ and SPECTRA) Documentation & Sample Files

Features and Purpose

The RTSA-Suite PRO file format for IQ and SPECTRA records is used to store files generated by the RTSA-Suite PRO.

The file format is binary and chunk based, similar to e.g. the PNG file format.

The file format offers the following distinguishing features:

• Binary, compact and optionally compressed storage of measurement data
• Meta data storage (location, time, format etc.)
• Multi streams
• Interleaving of streams
• Sequential stream read and write
• Random access of complete files
• Preview storage of power spectra and power histogram
• Extension of existing streams

Doc-PDF and a sample IQ and SPECTRA recording (CW signal at 2410MHz with 1MHz sample rate / 1024FFT) is attached

Uploaded files:

Dear administrator, I would like to ask how to decompress the spectra data when the mcompression is 01 in the rsta file. I have tried to read the spectra data directly with ieee's f32 rules, but the results are not correct. I don't understand the instructions in the document, can you provide more detailed code. Looking forward to your reply!

Please check the documentation, it's all there.