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Whats the ECO DANL @ RBW 50 KHz ?


I have seen some posts here in the forums were I believe that TC states that DANL keeps more or less the same value irrespective of the RBW, is my understanding correct?

If it is not then what would be the Spectran V6 ECO DANL @ RBW 50KHz with the pre-amplifier powered on?



Since DANL is expressed with a corresponding RBW (DANL/xHz) it will change with RBW e.g. -170dBm/1Hz (also written as "-170dBm/Hz") will change to -160dBm/10Hz, -150dBm/100Hz etc. so its quite simple to calculate the DANL at a specific RBW.

With all amplifiers activated the ECO can reach -170dBm/Hz DANL since it offers  4dB NF (which is the real important value).

The Noise Figure (NF) keeps stable, no matter which RBW you use.


So if I understood correctly the following must be applied:


Which means that the DANL at a RBW of 50KHz is -123.0 dBm with preamplifier on. Hopefully I got it right this time...