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Spectran V6 Signal Generator Issue: Amplification When Off (Signal Leakage)

Hello Aaronia Team,

We are encountering an issue with the Spectran V6 Signal Generator. The connected amplifier is unexpectedly amplifying a signal even when the generator is switched off. Conducted basic troubleshooting steps (isolating components, checking for interference) with no resolution. Please advise on what could be done to control this leakage or provide any necessary information to understand what is happening better.

Additionally, the spectrum analyzer used is Spectran HF-60105 V4. When the amplifier is switched on (and SG off) it is measuring a higher than expected signal power and shows the "Overload" indication on the screen.

Seeking community insights or similar experiences to pinpoint the issue. Any guidance appreciated.

Much appreciated.

Try an other receiver first. Might be a blown amplifier within the receiver.

I do not think this is the problem.


Is this your only input regarding this issue?? Any other suggestions?

Since no other detailes are offered (no pictures, no mission, no screenshots etc.)  this is the only suggestion we have so far.

Attached is a screenshot of the mission used.

Please notice that even though the IQ Signal Generator power is set to -150 dBm, the output measured is high to the point the Spectran HF-60105 V4 Spectrum Analyzer reads a signal of around 9 dBm and displays "Overload".

Even when the Spectran V6 signal generator is turned off, the signal measured is significantly amplified!

I am trying to transmit this 110 MHz Signal at a controllable power.


Please let me know if you need any more input to investigate this issue.



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Your generator is running at 2440MHz not 110MHz. Without a mission we can't see any other problem.