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Developer Preview: Spectran V6 with GNU Radio & SoapySDR

The video linked below demonstrates my effort to use the SpectranV6 with GNU Radio & SoapySDR over the network:

Links to the source code is in the video description.

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have you attempted to use the Soapy driver to connect with Gqrx? I've not been able to successfully do so - The device is found and the device strings are properly set, but the application crashes with "destination port 1 out of range for source_impl(48)" - looks like this is a gnuradio gr-osmosdr configuration issue. Interestingly, the SoapySDR --probe and rate tests work as expected.

Yes, but: We'll release an updated, official aaronia version of the SoapySDR module very soon. I'll keep you posted in this thread!