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SOLVED: Images when Sweeping


On my Spectran V6 I suddenly noticed a number of spurious signals in the spectrum that the instrument seems to produce. Please advise me what action I should take to correct this problem. I have attached a picture with an example. Thank you.

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  • spurious-signals.jpg

Looks like this is caused by using the "fsweep" capture mode in the Sweep Zoom block. You need to change it to "sweep" mode instead.

Alternatively reducing the RBW in the Sweep Zoom block below 45 kHz also seems to help (but will also reduce performance).

Thank you for your reply , changing fsweep to sweep helped. We have the same problem with missions that use the IQ Power spectrum and Spectrum sweep blocks in series instead of the sweep zoom block. How to proceed in this case?


The Spectrum Sweep block was designed for use with the Spectran V5, it is not really supported on the Spectran V6. Any particular reason you want to use it over the Sweep Zoom block?

Hello, thank you for your response. You asked a good question. However, the use of these blocks is based on missions taken from the forum where these blocks are used in conjunction with the Spectran V6.In addition, we have been using these missions for quite a long time and never had a problem with false signals before. This also applies to the sweep zoom mission. Therefore, the occurrence of this problem surprised us.


Can you share the specific mission that shows this issue? Haven't been able to reproduce it, but there are a ton of settings (different to the Sweep Zoom block) that will affect the results.