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How to use the SPECTRAN V6 with GNU Radio

Since the RTSA-Suite PRO software offers a powerful HTTP Server block which supports JSON data format, it is quite simple to set up a live HTTP connection to GNU Radio.

All needed documentation from our side concerning data structure and command sets is found under


For a first implementation test you might want to use the I/Q Signal Generator block which provide I/Q and/or SPECTRA data.

A simple setup for a full Rx and Tx SPECTRAN V6 remote interface would look like attached including I/Q and/or SPECTRA data streaming.

Please feel free to post your sample GNU Radio setups.

Uploaded files:
  • SPECTRAN-V6-GNU-Radio-Setup.jpg
  • Testsignal-Generator.jpg

Started to work on a GRC source/sink blocks and expect to see some good progress in upcoming weeks/months.
Will post some sneak peaks from time to time. Pushing my dev machine to the limits 🙂

Will release, when it is stable enough to be tested.


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