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Stack two Spectran V6s even Multi-Spectrans together | Timesync via GPS

Now if I want to stack two Spectran V6s even multi-Spectrans together, and now just one of V6 with GPS Stream license  and one GPS antenna, the other V6 without GPS Stream license and GPS antenna, because it will be inconvenience for installing two GPS antennas.  So can it be gotten the time-stamping for  two V6 stream data  with  timing information?  How to connect and synchronize the two V6 devices?

Do I understand your setup correctly:

you want Spectran V6 with GPS license to act as a master to sync other Spectran V6 as slave devices?

In that case, do you use all these Spectran V6s in the same RTSA setup on one PC?


Yes, Can I setup on one PC if I want to sync the other devices and make sure having one unit with GNSS time server option as the master.

I had bought GPS option includes GPS license key and GPS Stream license key for one of unit Spectran V6.

From a hardware point of view it is possible to setup the SMB PPM as an output on Spectran V6 with GPS license and share this signal with other Spectran V6 where the PPM is the typical input.

In that case the slave Spectran V6 are synced with the 1 Hz PPM signal from the GPS, but need the rest of the time-stamping data from the one Spectran V6 with the GPS license.

I have to discuss the software support for this setup with the engineers and will come back to you.

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Could you please provide some sample SDK for  using one Spectran V6 with GPS license to act as a master to sync other Spectran V6 as slave device? So I can obtain the time-stamping data for two V6 devices, which come from the GPS stream.

I want to use one PC to control two V6,which is equal to using a real dual channel devices. And the two V6 will be set at different frequency bands. The GPS time can be marked on the stream data collected by V6. Could you advise me ?