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Default Sweep Mission Display Bug

I would like to show a quick spectrum scan with your Default Sweep Mission. How can I get the 10MHz - 6GHz range? I can't even see 75MHz - 280MHz. This changes if I reduce the total bandwidth, but then the spectrum is displayed incorrectly, the filter is set to Auto.

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Please attache your mission for a bug report.

That mission is very old. Please use the current default sweep mission that is shipped with the RTSA-Suite PRO (Menu File -> Open Factory Mission -> DefaultSweepMission_v2.0.rmix).

We've forwarded the display issue to our development team as that old mission seems to trigger a problem with some setting combinations. The current default sweep mission should not be affected by this as it doesn't include those settings.

EDIT: The problem we could reproduce should be fixed in current versions.