RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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32GHz Signal Generator

End of summer we will launch our new CW signal generator generation up to 32GHz.

How much you can share about this coming product? My customer was looking for 20GHz CW generator, but they cancelled it telling they have to go higher in frequency. Is your new product going to have basic things like step attenuator, option for different internal reference oscillators, low phase noise option, etc.?
We will offer a "simple" version with 3 different outputs depending on the frequency and a high-end version with a single full frequency output.
All hard and software features you would expect will be available (amplifier, attanuator, ext. ref and sys. clock, low phase noise OCXO option etc.) and all standard signal types e.g. CW, sweep, chirp, pulse etc.

Attached is a first picture of the latest test board running very well!32GHz Signal Generator