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Simple IQ Recorder | Use the SPECTRAN V6 as an IQ Recorder

Attached mission is the most simple IQ recorder possible. Simply use the File Write block and dock it to the SPECTRAN V6 - done:

Simple IQ Recorder Mission


Make sure your SSD offers enough data throughput otherwise it will wrack your record as soon as the SSD cache is full or limit the recording time so the cache will not saturate.

Uploaded files:

In Addition you can use the SDRAM of the PC or laptop for recording which should be fast enough (but limited in size). In this case you can use the Time Shift block instead:

IQ Recording with the Time Shift block


Within the Time Shift block you can change the memory size for capture (Change the Buffersize). 4GB will hold around 5s of IQ data with 92MHz IQ bandwidth. After starting the recording (Start/Stop Capture) you can save the data to disk.


Uploaded files: