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Time Shift

Our latest Time Shift block can handle I/Q or SPECTRA data and works as a FIFO buffer:

Time Shift Block | Capture and Replay I/Q or SPECTRA data

The Time Shift block buffers a stream (I/Q, SPECTRA or any other data). The buffer size is adjustable (depending on the RAM size of your system):

  • Capture I/Q or SPECTRA data and save it to memory
  • Select part of the capture and save it to disk
  • Replay all or part of the capture to docked blocks
  • Live FIFO buffering of a stream

The block offers different replay modes:

Time Shift Replay Modes



Set the Time Shift replay mode to "Steady" and an attached block to "Dynamic Full Range" and you get a "real-time data mirror feature": The selected area within the Time Shift block will now be replayed as fast as possible over and over again and zoomed to maximum within the attached block. You can even pan the selected area.

It works like some sort of a data mirror glas, a great feature:

Mirror Glas Feature


Some typical missions:

I/Q RF data buffered for later aquisition

IQ Signal Generator streaming data to the Time Shift Block

Check out the latest video showing the Time Shift block in action: Time Shift Block Demo Video

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