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File Source

File Source block:

Import and playback any RTSA-Suite PRO ".rtsa", ".tag", ".dat" (I/Q, Spectra, Video, Tracking etc.), ".wv" and ".iq.tar" files from disk. In addition it can be used as a Powerful IQ export feature to other file formats:

File Source Block | Import, Cut and Export data

Right hand side output:

  • Stream


This block is quite similar to the File Reader block but reads the complete file to RAM. This makes it interesting for fast playbacks or whenever high data transfers are needed. It can also read third party I/Q files as there are Waveform (.wv), R&S IQ.TAR (.iq.tar) and Tektronix Text (.txt).


In addition the File Source block supports the following features:

  • Read any data format supported by the RTSA-Suite PRO incl. ".wv", ".iq.tar" (Rohde & Schwarz) and ".txt" (Tektronix)
  • Change playback speed
  • Preview the datafile and conditions (spectrum, video-picture, antenna position etc.)
  • Area playback (mark an area within the preview for playback)
  • Varios playback options (once, loop, steady, contiguous)
  • Cut and save/export a marked area under a new file
  • Export the file or portions of it under a new data format (CSV, XML, JSON, RTSA, TAG, DAT, ASC and MAT)
  • Change/add power offset, time offset, location (GPS) etc.


The powerful export feature supports CSV, XML, JSON, RTSA, TAG, DAT, ASC and MAT (Matlab) formats:

Powerfull Export Feature

File Soure Block Settings


The Screenshot shows an imported file ready for playback or export/conversion:

File Source Block Screenhsot


Typical Mission:

File Source Typical Mission

Attached is a sample file for the data import of the Tektronix Textfile format.

The format is quite simple so you can also use it for a custom IQ data import.

XDelta 0.0000001
InputCenter 0
InputRange 2
FreqValidMin -5000000
FreqValidMax 5000000
100 200
16384 -16384
1000 2000
-500 1000
100 200
16384 -16384
1000 2000
-500 1000
100 200
16384 -16384
1000 2000
-500 1000

Uploaded files:

As a side note please make sure to add enough "buffer" via the Time Offset feature (30ms should work fine) and to activate the Emulate Realtime checkbox (added since build 10368) if you use the File Source to send IQ data to the Tx:

Stream IQ data to the Tx

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