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SPECTRAN V6 ECO (44MHz RTBW | 9kHz to 8GHz)

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SPECTRAN V6 Eco with both Rx running:

Excellent Performance! Full dual channel & 120MHz native IQ, light speed progress.
More to come soon!
V6 Eco with botv Rx running at 120MHz IQ
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SofonBrain ChiALPSstream_gmc

9khz to 8ghz very nice


What is the sensitivity of the new device (Low Cost SPECTRAN V6 ECO) ? (-167dBm/Hz or  different?)

What is the FFT resolution and does it have pre-amplifier?



All is the same as for the regular SPECTRAN V6 series so:

  • 4dB NF
  • Preamp option
  • Max 256 million FFTs
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Thanks, is RTBW (44MHz) extendable with future upgrades? if so at what range?


Best, A.

Y3s the dual Rx version will offer 88MHz. (2×44MHz).

Thanks and is the basic unit price for dual Rx about 1500 EUR  ?

No 1500 Euros is for single Rx. Additional features have no price so far.


Is SpectranV6 Eco capable of operating at other modes e.g. sweep or scan modes (in addition to the RTBW) so we can see broader bandwidth.


Thanks, A.

Sure. Same SW as the regular V6.

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