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SPECTRAN V6 ECO (44MHz RTBW | 9kHz to 8GHz)

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Are we likely to see this product released in Q4 2022 ?

No, will be Q3 2023.


Will we be able to preorder ECOs any time soon? (tentative release date?)

What will be the price of the hardware options (amplifier, GPS, ...) for the ECO model?

Will we see a price list including the ECO soon?

Will it be possible to concatenate ECO SDRs to obtain a broader real time bandwidth much like it can be done with the current Spectran V6s?

Thanks and best regards

PS: impatiently awaiting the release of the ECOs...


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Sorry, all details concerning possible shipping(s) as soon as we have a final date.

Options have the same price as for the regular SPECTRAN series.

Preorders are possible.

Higher bandwiths are no "ECO" any more, use the regaular SPECTRAN V6 instead but stitching multiple units will be supported.

First quick and dirty phase noise measurement with the cheap TCXO version showing over 100dBc @ 1GHz with 10kHz offset!
OCXO measurement will be next.


SPECTRAN V6 ECO Phase Noise Measurement


Phase Noise Measurement Table:

Better than 100dBc Phase Noise

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The OCXO option offers even better results and a nice 8dB improvement if it comes to the 10Hz offset:






Very exciting! Is pre-order in Q2 2023 likely? What's the best way to get in the queue?

Simply send us a mail and we see what we can do ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out the latest video showing the super fast 3 THz/s sweep speed (hardware option for the SPECTRAN V6 ECO) which should be a new world record:


Is still the plan to have the Spectran ECO and PLUS models released? I could not find the PLUS thread on the forum, has that model been cancelled?

What are the differences between the ECO and PLUS units?

Any ideas about release time lines and approx prices?

Many thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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