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How to determination of Antenna Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR).

Is it possible or not to determine the standing wave ratio of an antenna using the SPECTRAN V6 PLUS device? Which option performs the function of calculating the standing wave ratio?

You would have to do that manually, your Spectran needs to be able to TX (preferably with tracking generator) and you would also need directional coupler.


Connect directional coupler where OUT is connected to TX, CPL is connected to RX and connect connect cable that leads to antenna to IN, but do not put antenna on that cable yet, instead, use 50Ohm load...

Put TX in sweep over span you are interested on and RX on that same span and use max hold (unless you have tracking generator option). It will take some time for all of the gaps to be filled and when it is done, save that trace as a reference... Then, replace 50Ohm load with antenna and repeat the same process to capture that reference...

Comparing those 2 references gives you return loss for that antenna and that is the value that can be converted to VSWR...

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Thank you for your very detailed answer. I got it.