RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Cable Tester | Filter Tester | Use the SPECTRAN V6 as a Network Analyzer

How can i use the SPECTRAN V6 as a network analyzer e.g. to test my cables or a band pass filter?

The setup is quite simple, you only need to start the Noise Generator of the SPECTRAN V6 and the Spectrum Zoom block which offers a Reference Trace feature which is made for exactly this test setup. The measurement itself is done in real-time.

After setting up your mission (attached for download) you need to start a standard setup calibration:

  • First of all make sure only to use high quallity test cable connected to Rx and Tx
  • Add a thru connector (connect Rx and Tx cable together)
  • Now start the calibration measurement and generate a new reference trace from the AVERAGE trace (make sure the AVG trace is stable). Name it e.g. as "REV1"
  • Add the "REV1" trace to the "View -> Reference Trace" of the Spectrum Zoom block.  You now get a second display which shows the measurement difference in dB to the REV1 trace
  • Remove the through line and connect the DUT instead

You now get a steady real-time measurement of the cable damping or filter rejection in dB. In addition you might want to start multiple mesurements with different DUTs (see screenshots as an example comparing 3 different filters each with an own color) and save/display each measurement under a new reference trace. It is as simple as that:

WiFi Bandpass Spectrum-Measurement


You can now use the spectrum zoom feature to have a closer loook to the filter rejection curves of all three band pass filter (red, green blue) within the WiFi frequency range at the same time:

WiFi Bandpass Filter Rejection measured in dB


Uploaded files: