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SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator

The SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator block is a powerful but simple to use tracking generator for the SPECTRAN V6.

SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator Block

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ (connect to SPECTRAN V6 IQ-Stream)
  • TX (connect to SPECTRAN V6 Tx)

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectrum
  • Sweep

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If you dock the Spectrum Zoom block you get an additional view with more flexibility:

After setting up your mission (see below) you need to start a standard setup calibration:

  • First of all make sure only to use high quality test cable connected to Rx1 and Tx
  • Add a through connector (connect Rx1 with Tx )
  • Now start the calibration measurement and generate a new reference trace by selecting Mode->"ref" from the SPECTRAN V6 Tracking generator controls. Wait for a few seconds so that enough data is captured.
  • Now change to Mode -> "-ref" and you should get a stable flat trace. This shows that the system is now calibrated.
  • Remove the through connector and connect the DUT instead

You now get a steady measurement of the cable damping or filter rejection in dB.


Attached Screenshot shows the rejection measurement of a WiFi band pass filter over the complete 6GHz frequency range:

SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator


You can zoom into the measurement at any time to get/see more details:

Tracking Generator Spectrum | Measurement Zoom


Typical Mission Setup (simple setup):

Spectran V6 Tracking Generator Typical Mission

Hi, AdminTC

Good day!

I built typical mission setup as above and have some question here.

My first question is that TX mode on SPECTRAN V6, which model should I select when using tracking generator? It seems jumping to signal generator all the time when I push the start button, see attached TX mode picture. Second question is that TX Config, no matter what generator type I choose, after I start, it jump to center sweep automatically. How can I use full sweep or other type?

TX config selection

Use the Tracking generator controls only. Dont use any SPECTRAN V6 controls.

In the example screenshot you see the settings for a full sweep.

Hi, AdminTC

Good day!

Do you mean that I can ignore the spectran V6 controls as it was? Please check the attached picture, I set up start from 400MHz, stop at 470MHz, and want a full sweep, but I connected TX to our spectrum analyzer and found it only sweep at center frequency, not full sweep. Could you please help me get right set up? Thanks a lot.

Uploaded files:

Again: Set the V6 block to DEFAULT and DONT use it. Use the Tracking generator block only for controls and the Spectrum view for the measurement as shown in above screenshot and follow the instructions.

BTW: You have multiple YELLOW warnings. Fix them first.

Hello. I've tried using the Tracking Generator block multiple times and I always run into the same problem. I choose mode ref (as per your instructions), wait a few seconds and as soon as I see the reference trace appear in blue I change the mode to -ref. While I should be getting a flat trace, the graphs stay the same and if I try to stop or reset the software crashes. Any ideas on how to sort this out ? The software runs on a pretty decent PC and the SW versions are (TG) and (Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO).

Another question I have is, when I put an in-line 40dB attenuator during the calibration, the graphs legend shows the trace to be -40dB as expected. Is there a way to account for this added attenuation (set the reference level) in the SW so the trace appears on the 0dB plot line ?

Within the Spectrum block you need to add your RefTrace (hover over the Average text, klick the right mouse button and activate "Add to Reference") and select that RefTrace at View -> Reference Trace. Then its should work fine:

Add RefTrace

Hello. Can you please elaborate on your answer ?It might be better if you update the guide to include all the necessary steps (with pictures) for a standard calibration.

I did add the reference signal and it's a perfect straight trace on 0dB (spectrum window). It appears that it's just averaging the signal without taking into account the tracking generator settings (and the calibration using the mode ref/-ref).

Also when i select between ref/-ref to account for the loses, most of the times, both traces (TG window) appear to be stuck and not updating. Upon trying to reset or stop the device the SW crashes. I've sent you multiple crash reports so far but this issue is making the device unusable at the moment.

Did you connect the BOOST USB and the POWR USB?

So far it works fine with our setups. please be sure to use the latest software too.

No need for the Spectrum graph but it makes it nicer to handle and can boost the accuracy by adding another RefTrace.

Attached again a simpler mission (from the layout).

Uploaded files:


I was provided with the latest SW version ( and now the TG is working as per your example mission. Also I noticed that the acquisition process is now much faster and the general response of the SW feels faster as well. I would suggest to officially release this SW version as soon as possible for the rest of the forum members to enjoy. Thank you.