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SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator

The SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator block is a powerful but simple to use tracking generator for the SPECTRAN V6.

SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator Block

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ (connect to SPECTRAN V6 IQ-Stream)
  • TX (connect to SPECTRAN V6 Tx)

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectrum
  • Sweep

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If you dock the Spectrum Zoom block you get an additional view with more flexibility:

After setting up your mission (see below) you need to start a standard setup calibration:

  • First of all make sure only to use high quality test cable connected to Rx1 and Tx
  • Add a through connector (connect Rx1 with Tx )
  • Now start the calibration measurement and generate a new reference trace by selecting Mode->"ref" from the SPECTRAN V6 Tracking generator controls. Wait for a few seconds so that enough data is captured.
  • Now change to Mode -> "-ref" and you should get a stable flat trace. This shows that the system is now calibrated.
  • Remove the through connector and connect the DUT instead

You now get a steady measurement of the cable damping or filter rejection in dB.


Attached Screenshot shows the rejection measurement of a WiFi band pass filter over the complete 6GHz frequency range:

SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator


You can zoom into the measurement at any time to get/see more details:

Tracking Generator Spectrum | Measurement Zoom


Typical Mission Setup (simple setup):

Spectran V6 Tracking Generator Typical Mission

Any hint on how to install this block, or will it be released with v2.1?

What's unclear?

So far the above posting should show all you need to get it to work.