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LTE EVM Measurement

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I've just purchased the SPECTRAN® V6 RSA500X along with a couple of licenses. So far all looks good and I can easily navigate and create my own missions for channel power measurements or frequency specific calculations. What I would like to know is what blocks should I use (or required licenses) to measure the EVM of an LTE signal (which I inject directly in the RX port).

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Edit: Not sure if this is the correct place to post it so Admin please feel free to move it accordingly.

Check out the precomplience mission at

Hello. You probably misread my question... I am not asking for EMC measurements, I am asking for EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) measurements and all other corresponding calculations (eg. frequency error, SNR, Phase error, etc.). Please see attached picture for reference.

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Thats on our roadmap:

That's perfect. It's already been 1.5 years since you gave any updates. What's your expected release date for this feature ?

Hard to say. No priority so far.

As soon as you have an update please share it here because it will affect my company's decision to keep the SPECTRAN V6 or return it. Thank you.

Hello again. Given that I am in the process of evaluating the Spectran and soon we'll have to decide whether to keep it or return it, do you have any plans to start working on this feature this year ?

This year for sure. Will show it on our "electronica" booth in Munich in November.

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That's sounds good. So hopefully you can release to block for purchase end of this year! Any ideas on a possible pricing ? Will it be around the regular block price or the more advanced ones ?

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