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EMC Pre-Compliance with super high resolution

Attached mission offers up to 64k native pixel resolution (using a 8k monitor) thanks to our patented "wrapped spectrum" technology.

We can also move the complete marker table (supporting up to 200 marker) since it is now displayd within an own window:

EMC Pre-Compliance with waterfall display


Want to add a waterfall to your EMC-Test? No problem:

Pre-Compliance Test with waterfall display

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Hi, i downloaded this mission, but i cant reduce the star frequency to 30MHz like EN55015. Why?


Hi, i`ve seen that but i dont know what i have to do to enter the low frequency.

You need to disable the automatic RX filter selection to "Auto Extended" to do that:

RX filter configuration

Please check the referenced forum post for more details and limitations resulting from this configuration.

Thanks!!! It works!!


I am playing with Real-time EMC Bundle 2 (far-field).

My interest is in EN-55032 Class A measurement. I measured in the house without any shielding in the room, attached is the scan.

Please suggest how to bring my DUT under the line ๐Ÿ™‚ I will make a measure outside also, to get a feeling. I am looking into your shielding mats and tends and spectral background mask. But need more info ๐Ÿ˜‰


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