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Can i trigger & record multiple signales?

Interested in the capabilities of your software.
1) Is it possible to write logs using your software. The information in the logs should be of this type.
There is a segment with frequencies, you need to write logs with activity on the segment of frequencies. For example: activity on the frequency - the time when there was activity - the time of activity.
Like on this picture but in the txt format.

Is it possible to do this at a frequency width of 1 GHz?

2)For example, there are 12 frequencies that are of interest to me. I want them to be recorded when they are active.

I wonder what would be written in wav format, or IQ format for next demodulation and decryption.


For now, that's all I'm interested in. 
It is very interesting to work with you, I look forward to further cooperation with you.


You can either use the trigger mask over the full frequency range and simply start an IQ or SPECTRA recording as soon as one of those limits is reached or use an IQ demodulator for any signal of interest (plus a trigger and recorder for each demodulator).

In that case it would look a bit like the mission shown in

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