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Deep Space Monitoring for ARTEMIS-I within the 8400 - 8500 MHz range (X-band)

Attached mission monitors all X-band radio transmitter from NASAs Artemis 1 mission, currently set to launch on August 29th.

It is carrying many CubeSat secondary payloads to the Moon. The vast majority of the communications will be conducted within the X-band (please have a look at for details), so an amateur observer using the SPECTRAN V6 could track most of the missions with attached mission (together with a high gain antenna e.g. our latest HyperLOG PRO):

Make sure to set the right settings for the used down converter or remove the block if you use the 8GHz extension option:

ARTEMIS-I Rf Monitoring within the X-Band


ARTEMIS-I Rf Monitoring within the X-Band


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