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NOW AVAILABLE: External Satellite Compass (GNSS) Support

We are just implementing the support for a GNSS Compass which is a satellite compass coupled with an inertial navigation system to maintain accurate position and heading during GPS outages. This will be a perfect add on for our DF (Directional Finding) applications e.g. for a car or ship installation.

The GNSS compass will offer an outstanding accuracy:

  • 0,2 ° heading accuracy
  • 0,4 ° roll and pitch accuracy
  • 8 mm position accuracy


GNSS Compass Support comming soon

First GNSS GUI Screenshot


The GNSS implementation for our latest external GNSS hardware is now finished and also includes a highly accurate compass function e.g. for drive test applications.

For more information about this block please have a look to this forum posting.

Visit our online shop if you wish to order the new GNSS Block.