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GNSS Compass

The GNSS Compass block supports multiple digital compass communication standards incl. GPS position and heading information and feeds it to the RF stream data.

GNSS Compass Block


Right hand side Output:

  • GPS (GPS and Compass feed)
  • DDCC (Connect to DDCC block)
  • Custom


This block is used to offer a precise GPS information incl. headding for mobile use e.g. for RF test drives, mobile RF monitoring and DF on cars, trucks, ships or aircrafts.

TCP, UDP and UDP Multicast communication protocols are supported. The block is tested and working with Furuno IEC 61162-1 and NMEA0183 but for sure will also work with other compatible GNSS units. For highest flexibility and precission the block includes a complex Offset and Standard Limit feature.

GNSS Compass Block Configuration Setup:

GNSS Compass Setup


Typical mission:

GNSS Compass typical mission

A cpmplex mission using the GNSS Compass

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