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How to trigger Spectran V6 To Record RF Spectrum Signal Data By External 3 Volt Trigger

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Thank you very much! With your help we were able to trigger using the below diagram. I believe the IQ condition block performs logic between the 3.3V external trigger and the demodulated IQ data. For our purposes, we only wanted to begin seeing data after a signal from the 3.3V external trigger. If I am incorrect, please let me know.

For anyone else reading this, the Spectran V6 block is the main block to set the condition flags. the consumer option is the external 3.3V trigger. We were able to push data through the diagram by setting C0 flag to trigger when a high signal is seen from the consumer option (3.3V trigger) in the Spectran V6 block. We set the trigger block to trigger when high and to continue flowing data after that high signal is met. In this way, when the 3.3V trigger goes to high, data will continue to flow regardless of what the trigger does. You can reset the trigger by pausing and playing the Spectran again.

If I have said anything in error please correct me. Thank you very much for your help, this functionality was of paramount importance to us and we are very glad to have purchased your equipment!

You can learn more about the use of the external trigger here:

In concept, the external trigger signal is part of the data stream at the IQStream and Spectra outputs of the Spectran V6 block. Connecting these outputs to a Trigger block can support gated measurements like in your example. You capture a single event with Trigger-Mode=once. The Prefix and Postfix parameters specify the number of spectras before and after the trigger event. In case of using the IQStream output instead of the Spectra output (like in the sample above), the Prefix and Postfix parameters would be in IQ samples.

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