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How to trigger Spectran V6 To Record RF Spectrum Signal Data By External 3 Volt Trigger

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Recently purchased a Spectran V6 and we are trying to determine how to trigger the Spectran to begin recording via external trigger voltage through the trigger channel. Is this possible to do with the trigger port and how is the accomplished through the software. Any help or if a tutorial is available would be greatly appreciated. We have found how to trigger the system using the Rx port, but we cannot utilize this method for our application and must rely on a external trigger fed to the trigger port.

Thank you!

Yes, this is possible.

You can use external Trigger to Start/Stop recording or use external Trigger as an event within the recorded data stream. For the signal generator, the external Trigger is used to "mute" the signal output.

You will find this supported in the next release of the RTSA Suite by the end of this month.

We will cover the use of the external Trigger in this forum.


When you say this is possible, do you mean that we can currently utilize the external 3.3 Volt trigger to Start/Stop recording?

What would be the proper block diagram to start recording the spectrum of an RF signal? We have not been successful with the external trigger to start recording.

Thank you

Sorry for the confusion.

Your start/stop recording feature with the use of the external trigger will be supported by our software soon. At the moment you have to click the play/stop button of the RTSA Suite to start/stop recording. You want the external trigger input of the Spectran V6 to do exactly that. This is a missing remote control part in the software and we are implementing that right now.

With the proper software in place,  a low to high transition on the external trigger input will act as start recording, while a high to low transition will act as stop recording.

You will find more on that topic in the forum once the software will support that.

Stay tuned!

Thank you for the clarification. Appreciate your help on this topic. We are looking forward to the this new feature when it releases. We will keep an eye out for any updates on this topic.

Thank you again for your help!

Hello Aaronia Team,

Wanted to follow up with your team and see if the trigger functionality has been resolved?

Thank you and appreciate your effort!


My team also requires the same functionality. We need to trigger recording using the external 3 volt trigger. Has there been any progress or updates to the addition of this functionality?


Thanks in advance!

Its implemented already. We are now working on the finetuning for the time-calibration.


We may be blind, but we are not seeing any additional blocks to utilize the 3.3V trigger. Would you mind showing us how to configure a block diagram to trigger recording via the 3.3V external trigger?

Thank you.

The trigger config is integrated in the V6 block. Depending on the configuration there, the trigger will set a condition flag in the outgoing data stream that can be processed in subsequent blocks:

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