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How to integrate the SPECTRAN V6 Receiver into a Drone?

The SPECTRAN V6 is a very light receiver and some customer want to integrate the unit into a drone. Since a lot of questions come up concerning the integration we have collected the FAQs to help you to setup your own "Flying RF Detector" project:

Do you have customers who intregrated the V6 to a drone already?

Yes but so far we cant offer more details but a SPECTRAN V5 inegration is shown on youtube:

Can i use a ARM based systems?

No, please have a look at the ARM posting at

Which CPU/PC would you prefere to use to run the SPECTRAN V6 inside the drone?

The latest AMD Ryzen 7 4800U (15W) looks like the best you could get if it comes to performance vs CPU power. This should be the best choice we could think of.

What is the power consumption i need to calculate for an integration?

The SPECTRAN V6 would need around 15W only, the mini PC around 25W so in total we are speaking about 40W.

How do i send data from the drone to the base station?

This is a bit tricky since you might want to measure exactly the frequency which you use to transfer the data to the ground station so it is clear that you should use directional antennas for the measurement to reduce the influence from the transfer signal. A 5G modem looks like the best choice fro the data transfer since the phase antenna offers great directionality but a WiFi or 4G modem might also work fine, depending on the antenna position and output power.

Which data can i send from the drone to the base station?

You could send SPECTRA or I/Q data. Sending SPECTRA data instead of I/Q will highly reduce the data amount.

How to reduce the data rate/load?

There are a lot of possibilities. Please have a look to this posting for furter assistance:

Do you have an API that we can directly communicate with the measuring device, thus being independent of the GUI? If yes, will you be able to also provide the libraries for some of the necessary functions in your GUI?

Yes please have a look to our developer threads e.g.:  or

The JS API, is that for creating SCRIPT blocks within your GUIs, or can it be used from an external device for interfacing with the measuring device?

Yes you can e.g. use a RTSA-Suite PRO software at the ground station and communicate "live" with the RTSA-Suite PRO software in the drone via our HTTP blocks.