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How set sample rate to 30.72Mhz (LTE bandwidth 20MHz)

I'd like to know how record IQ stream data with sample rate of 30.72Mhz for LTE bandwidth 20MHz.


Sorry, i dont get your point. Simply record it with the File Writer block.



I didn't expressed correct the question.

The correct question is: how ensure the Sampling Frequency for LTE Channel Bandwidth 20MHz will be 30.72MHz in Spectran V6.

See attached link:

You can adapt the sampling frequency as you like within the SPECTRAN V6 block or the IQ Power Spectrum down to 10ns resolution.

Even ultra short radar bursts are possible.

I still don't get the point.

The point is: I don't understand the connection between Sampling Frequency of 30.72MHz and IQ Rate / Receiver clock of 92MHz.