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File Writer

File Writer block:

Stream/Write any RTSA data as there is .rtsa", ".tag" and ".dat" (I/Q, Spectra, Video, Tracking etc.) to disk:

File Writer Block | Export any RTSA Datafile to Disk

Left hand side input:

  • Stream

Right hand side output:

  • Monitor


The File Write block records all your IQ or Spectra data and even video-streams 24/7 to disk. It offers a Monitor output to check the data in real-time.

When writing raw IQ data make sure you have a capable SSD since the data amount can be huge! You might consider to use the IQ Demodulator to reduce the data size.

You can set a lot of useful parameter so it will perfectly fit your needs:

  • Single or Multi Stream support
  • Autostart feature
  • Index and Data support
  • Auto Split file (reduce single file size)
  • Auto rotate (prevent a folder to overflow by overwriting the old data first | FIFO feature incl. adjustable file rotations)
  • Prevent overwriting old files
  • Adjustable data compression
  • Adjustable folder memory limitation
  • Adjustable record delay


File Writer Setup


BTW: We already have a nice posting helping you to setup up a Circular Buffer to prevent a full harddisk. It will limit the harddisk space by automatically overwriting the old data.

While writing the data you get some additional information e.g. a data preview via a small histogram screenshot, a compact waterfall display and some statistics as for instance the Write Rate (MBytes/s), the Buffer Fill and the Compression Ratio as graphs:

File Write streaming IQ data to disk


Some typical missions:

File Write typical missions

I am trying to create a series of missions that each automatically start, write a single file (based on a time duration or file size limit) and then automatically move on to the next mission.  I'm sure there must be a way to do this but have not been able to figure out the correct File Writer and Control Sequencer settings in order to accomplish this.  I have the missions chained together via control sequencer, but the operator has to actually stop the file writing or pause the Spectran to make it move on to the next mission.

For file writer, regardless of chaining missions with control sequencer, I cannot find a combination of settings that have it just write a single file of a fixed time/size and then stop.

Also, I played a little with the folder size limit settings and it did not seem to work correctly.

Starting and Stopping the FileWriter based on time just needs a Start, Delay and Stop command in the Command Sequencer:

And the use the "Start" button in the Control Sequencer to start the recording. You may need to add a few seconds extra for the device connection to be established though (delay is clock time, not measurement time). Repeat that sequence (or use a "Load Mission" command) afterwards for any additional recording (and maybe add a delay in between for safety). FileWriter doesn't need any special settings, except maybe disabling "Check Overwrite" to prevent confirmation dialogs.

Quote from nothingman1020 on 03/05/2022, 20:59

Also, I played a little with the folder size limit settings and it did not seem to work correctly.

The size check is only applied to the file set currently being recorded (when using the rotation feature and indices or timestamps), other files in the folder are not accounted for (for performance reasons).