RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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File Writer

File Writer block:

Stream/Write any RTSA data as there is .rtsa", ".tag" and ".dat" (I/Q, Spectra, Video, Tracking etc.) to disk:

File Writer Block | Export any RTSA Datafile to Disk

Left hand side input:

  • Stream

Right hand side output:

  • Monitor


The File Write block records all your IQ or Spectra data and even video-streams 24/7 to disk. It offers a Monitor output to check the data in real-time.

You can set a lot of useful parameter so it will perfectly fit your needs:

  • Single or Multi Stream support
  • Autostart feature
  • Index and Data support
  • Auto Split file (reduce single file size)
  • Auto rotate (prevent a folder to overflow by overwriting the old data first | FIFO feature incl. adjustable file rotations)
  • Prevent overwriting old files
  • Adjustable data compression
  • Adjustable folder memory limitation
  • Adjustable record delay


File Writer Setup


BTW: We already have a nice posting helping you to setup up a Circular Buffer to prevent a full harddisk. It will limit the harddisk space by automatically overwriting the old data.

While writing the data you get some additional information e.g. a data preview via a small histogram screenshot, a compact waterfall display and some statistics as for instance the Write Rate (MBytes/s), the Buffer Fill and the Compression Ratio as graphs:

File Write streaming IQ data to disk


Some typical missions:

File Write typical missions