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Hardware Options via Software Key? / Upgrade at any time!

The following hardware options can be enabled via a software key at any time:

  • Option 0020 (20dB ultra low noise Preamplifier)
  • Option 0120 (RTBW expansion from 80MHz to 120MHz)
  • Option 0245 (RTBW expansion from 120MHz to 245MHz)
  • Option 1120 (I/Q Vector Signal Generator with 120MHz RTBW)
  • Option 0245 (Second Rx input (included in 245MHz RTBW expansion))
  • Option 0401 (GPS incl. high accurate time sync/stamps)

Please contact us if you wish to upgrade. We also offer a free of charge 30 days trail key for any option.

Please visit our website concerning price and further options:


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