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Accuracy issue using RSA250X at 7GHz ?


We have Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer RSA250X up to 6GHz and with frequency extension option up to 8GHz using the provided Band Pass Filter (BPF).

We are measuring signal at 7GHz. The signal power level obtained with BPF is -70.26dBm . The signal power level without BPF is -69.13dBm (1dbM is the insertion loss due to BPF).

However, when we measure the signal at 7GHz in more real environment, the signal power level obtain is -56.40dBm. There is a difference of -12.73dBm.

How can I get the real signal level using Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer?


Uploaded files:
  • Result-with-BPF.png
  • Result-wihtout-BPF.png

Why should there be a difference between signals generated by a signal generator (which show perfect results) and "real world" signals?

Surely you have a problem with the signal duration in the "real world" compared to the test CW signal? you have used in the lab.

This may be the case since you are using SWEEP for such low spans (which may not capture all signals if they are too short), use REAL-TIME mode instead.

If you still think the measurement is not as expected you can calibrate the unit at any time by using the Calibration block where you can add your own calibration setup.