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Calibration Block

The Calibration block offers full control over the loss and gain from all connected loads to Rx1 and Rx2:

Calibration Block

Left hand side Input:

  • RF

Right hand side Output:

  • RF (calibrated)


You can add the following varios loads to the calibration setup:

  • Antennas (All Aaronia antennas)
  • Amplifier (All Aaronia RF and NF Amplifier)
  • Cable (All Aaronia cables in different lengths from low cost to high end)
  • Attenuator (10, 20, 30 and 40dB)
  • Probe (All E and H probes from the Aaronia Probe Set)
  • Custom (Add you own calibratioin curve e.g. by loading a saved reference/calibration trace)
  • Power Offset (Any value between +/- 100dB in 0,1dB steps)

In addition you can also add a GPS position incl. azimuth and declination:

Calibration Block Settings

All loads will be shown with there coresponding gain/loss as a graph. All loads together will be calculated to a new overall new calibration shown as a grey graph:

Calibration Graph

Typical Calibration Missions:

Typical Calibration Block Missions