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20GHz and 26,5GHz SPECTRAN V6

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We are working on a 20GHz and 26,5GHz SPECTRAN V6.

The 20GHz version should be ready within 18 months (PCB Revision 2 is in production for final test), the 26,5GHz 4 months later on.

Hardware upgrades will be possible.


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Can you be more specific about hardware updates?

Do you mean :

Upgrading from 20GHz to 26.5GHz model, or upgrading any of the spectran v6 family to 20GHz or 26.5GHz?

Thank you.


It will be possible to upgrade any SPECTRAN V6 family to 20GHz and/or 26,5GHz.

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What's the likely price point over 6 GHz V6?

So far we have no price but you should calculate with an additional 5-10k Euros.


So, the Receiver and Transmitter both would support 26.5GHz? And even if taking slippages due to Covid component shortages, are we almost sure to have to saleable product by March 2022?

The unit will offer a Rx only (no Tx).

We will try our best to meet the release date ...

We have added an exiting new add on for the 26GHz version:

An optional real-time 70GHz power meter and oscilloscope with an own 1,85mm RF input.

The frequency range will cover 10MHz to 70GHz incl. 35dB of dynamic range (with 14 Bits resolution), 200ps time resolution and an accuracy of +/1dB.

It will offer acurate power and timing measurement even of signals with a high crest factor together with a new Oscilloscope block for the RTSA-Suite PRO software.

This will for sure be a great tool incl. full RTSA-Suite PRO support.


First picture of the final RF baseboard (RF connectors for Rx not seen):

First picture of the final SPECTRAN V6 ECO RF baseboard

Still missing: USB-PCB, Powermeter/Oscilloscope PCB, Downconverter-PCB and Filter-PCB.

More to come soon.

The new SPECTRAN V6 (26,5GHz) Baseboard:
Our new SPECTRAN V6 26GHz will be based on a complete modular design.
The FPGA/USB PCB is now ready for production.
More to come soon.
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