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18GHz | 26,5GHz | 55GHz SPECTRAN V6

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The fully assembled 70GHz Powermeter / Oscilloscope PCB ready for final test:

The 70GHz powermeter and oscilloscope PCB as assembled and ready for final test



Do you have any noise figure data of the new SPECTRAN V6 26GHz available?

Yes we have the following data (without NF booster option):

SPECTRAN V6 26GHz Noise Floor NF

As you can see the NF is mostly super flat over the full frequency range (8-10dB NF) only near 26,5GHz its getting about 2dB higher (as expected).


With NF booster option we get the following values:

SPECTRAN V6 NF within the 26GHz range

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WOW! This is the by far best and flattest NF I have seen for a 26GHz analyzer. If you look at attached screnshots even the PRO units on the market are much worse:

SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzer 26GHz Noise Floor


Aaronia SPECTRAN 26GHz Noise Floor


Yes you are right. On your screenshots the Keysight N9010A shows a NF variation of around 15-20dB over the full 26GHz frequency range and the NF rises by frequency but the R&S is a 50GHz version so you can't compare it with 26GHz instead you need to take the first half of the shown spectrum but OK its still around 10dB variation and NF rising by frequency too.

The SPECTRAN V6 with 26GHz should have around 3dB variation only up to 24GHz and a very stable NF/sensitivity within the complete frequency range. This indeed is quite new and only possible since we are using an unique front-end concept.

BTW we are trying our best to stay within this 3dB variation even up to 26,5GHz with the NF boost option.

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When are you commercially releasing 18 and 26.5 GHz analyzers?

Have you decided any pricing yet?

That's the big questions: With todays semiconductor market its very hard to say.

We can say that development is on track but to produce the first 1k units will take at least 2-3 months from today since we have a lot of cheap but also quite a lot of very costly parts delayed. Keep fingers crossed that all parts come in as expected.

The price tag for the basic 18GHz unit will be 20k Euros and 25k Euros for the 26,5GHz version.


The final layout of the 26GHz Frontend PCB.


SPECTRAN V6 26GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer PCB

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So will these new analyzers be available with 1x or 2x RF Inputs? Or will both possibilities exist?

It will offer one Rx as a spectrum analyzer and one (optional) Rx as an oscilloscope/power meter.

26 GHz "SPECTRAN V6 PRO" TOP PCB-Shielding.

Sample just arrived and fits perfectly.

First performance tests coming soon.

26GHz SPECTRAN V6 Shielding

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