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Video Decoder

The Video Decoder block decodes any analog video from an IQ stream in real-time:

Video Decoder Block | Decode Analog Videos from IQ Data

Left hand side input:

  • IQ

Right hand side output:

  • Video

The Video Decoder block is a powerfull drag and drop block to decode any analog video from an IQ stream in real-time.


The block setup is quite simple. You can adjust the Frequency Shift, VSync and HSync Levels, add a Low Pass Filter and adjust the Luma Gain:

Analog Video Decoder Setups


If no video data is found to sync on, your live video decoding looks like this:

Video Decoder Noise Decoding


With a few adjustments you will get the picture:

Analog Video Real-Time Decoder



Typical Missions:

Live IQ to Video Decoder Typical Missions


The Video Decoder now has a new layout witch includes an Autotune function.

It syncs fully automatic to the analog video signal without any need of adjustments even within the wide IQ bandwidth of up to 245MHz:

We have implemented a Frequency Offset and Frequency Tune Range but most important an Autotune feature which includes the following modes :

  • bypass
  • manual
  • phaseshift (default)
  • powerskew
  • centerphase
  • quadphaseshift


In most cases the default selection of phaseshift or powerskew will do a great job without the need of any further adjustment:

Automatic Analog Video Decoding

The Video Decoder now offers color and optional NTSC decoding and you can mirror and flip the video.

We have implemented a chroma adjustment (color control) and you can select between the following video decoders:

  • PAL
  • NTSC
  • Auto (under development)

IQ NTSC/PAL Video Decoder


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The Video Decoder now offers an automatic Video Standard recognition (PAL or NTSC).

Simply use the new "Auto" selection:

Automatic PAL or NTSC analog video decoder