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NEW: Switching to Qt 5.15.2 | Bug Fixes (Implemented)

We are now switching to Qt 5.15.2.

As a patch release, Qt 5.15.2 does not add any new functionality but provides bug fixes.

Compared to Qt 5.15.1, the new Qt 5.15.2 contains 176 bug fixes.

One of the biggest problems was the faulty network manager where we needed to add a work around. This is now fixed but our nightly build will be put on hold till we have implemented all code upgrades.

We are back to normal: The RTSA-Suite PRO is available again as "Nightly Build" at

Since the last update we have implemented the following changes/fixes:

09.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8422
  - fix: License Manager serial number mismatch
  - fix: Linux build
09.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8418
  - fix: target selection for camera in DDSS
08.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8415
  - add: Option to switch off the shadow in the graph editor
  - fix: fft for non AVX2 systems
  - fix: Fixed problem in RibbonBar menus when calling the same functions successively
  - fix: RibbonBar Changing the frequency by mouse wheel wasn't working correctly
08.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8404
  - fix: stopping audio alerts in ddss if interval was too short
07.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8399
  - add: phase shift to IQ vector scope
  - add: SUITE-1560 autp adjust to IQ blocks
  - add: SUITE-1561 add gird overlay to IQ histogram
  - add: support for local ip address in udp bind multicast for jsiqa
  - fix: closing debug view when stepping through JSIQA
06.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8395
  - fix: crash when shutting down DDCC block while playing alert sound
05.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8392
  - fix: Fix in License manager dialog
05.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8388
  - add: optional audio file alert for drone DDCC
  - add: prepare for Isolog integration into V6 virtualizer
04.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8384
  - add: float16 format and optional scale parameter for raw http streaming
  - add: Test rtsakey and license files
  - fix: SUITE-1557 License Manager: Adding .license / .rtsakey files via + button results in chaos until RTSA restart
03.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8367
  - fix: IQ vectorscope
  - fix: startup crash in V6 sweep mode with strong WiFi input connected
01.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8358
  - fix: flush substream and antennacache if filled with more than 100 entries in HTTP connection to avoid memory leaks
01.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8352
  - fix: continuous substream creation in IQ WiFi drone detection block, causing memory leak in master system
01.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8349
  - fix: startup problems with V6 sample rate notch filter if 32x decimation is active
28.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8346
  - add: debugbreak on runtime errors in jsiqa
  - add: stack entries in debugger of jsiqa
26.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8340
  - add: context menu for monitored areas
  - add: enum config items to context menus
  - add: extend alert system for drones in monitored areas
  - add: spectrum notch filter
  - fix: import key file with dialog "+" button
26.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8335
  - add: SUITE-1541 multi carrier power ramp in IQSignalGenerator
  - add: SUITE-1552 circle monitored area
  - fix: JSIQA catch clause without exception argument caused stack corruption
  - fix: stream flush on connect after connection loss in Axis PTZ cam in HTTP mode
25.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8328
  - fix: SUITE-1257  Configuration Dialog: Registering RMIX filetype option is non-functional
24.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8325
  - fix: memory hogging of HTTP stream connection
23.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8321
  - fix: SUITE-1537 Window arrangement will be lost after Reload Mission
22.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8316
  - fix: memory leak in IQ symbol decoder
  - fix: V6 rev A3 startup error due to longer negotiation time for power supply
22.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8313
  - add: new package for default keys
  - add: Update Aaronia_Included_Keys
  - fix: AppPackageUploadInfo.xml of Aaronia Included Keys
  - fix: load and save of ultrawide spectra
  - fix: Package Manager dialog. Brief description wasn't displayed in the info area.
  - fix: Re-Apply Package XML CDATA for Long Descriptions
  - fix: SUITE-1517 Intermodulation analyzer auto function
  - fix: SUITE-1542  Remove "Legacy License Manager"
22.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8302
  - fix: Ribbon bar drag
20.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8297
  - add: Aaronia Keys package. Free included keys
  - add: flags to configitem ValueChanged and SetValue etc.
  - add: Ribbon Bar mouse support
  - fix: Connect to Screen change event
  - fix: script promise catch not returning the correct promise
19.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8282
  - add: recheck licenses to v6 usb manager
  - fix: SUITE-1535 calibration for RX1 and RX2 was not separate for main component
18.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8277
  - add: sanity check to iso log element and sector info
17.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8270
  - fix: SUITE-1529 Connections will be lost after reload mission/installing new RTSA
17.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8265
  - add: FSK and ASK signal encoder
  - fix: IQ oscilloscope data buffer size not correct after small capture duration change
  - fix: vector display in IQ oscilloscope
  - fix: workaround V6 A3 revision USB 2.0 startup problem
16.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8260
  - add: color control to timeshift block
  - add: draggable legends for charts and traces
  - add: title and info text overlay to charts
13.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8252
  - add: SUITE-1517 auto button for intermodulation analyzer
13.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8246
  - fix: V6 recovery crash due to racing condition in firmware reload
12.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8238
  - fix: Invisible input / output connectors won't accept a connection anymore
12.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8235
  - add: more V6 usb error handling
12.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8226
  - fix: Staging Generator FlowSheet improvements
11.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8223
  - fix: SUITE-1523 Blocks in wrong Categories
11.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8220
  - fix: file writer crash with zero sample size
10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8215
  - fix: SUITE-1524 Change Filename of File Writer block in the File Writer toolbar is not working
10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8210
  - fix: channel block watchdog for V6 did sometimes not check second channel
10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8206
  - add: Latest Build email template
10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8201
  - add: IVI Foundation VISA developer key
  - fix: Package Manager dialog displayed packages even after the key was removed
  - fix: reactivate channel reset for bulk command channels in V6 recovery
09.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8189
  - fix: data errors in V6 if no output connected
  - fix: THD calculation in harmonics analyzer with missing harmonics
07.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8182
  - add: additional result info in harmonic analyzer block
  - add: check for no data at stream start in V6 input streamer
  - add: harmonic selection in harmonic analyzer block
05.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8178
  - add: Added PowerShell script to checkout all package files and their AppPackageUploadInfo.xml
  - add: status table for IQ WiFi drone detector
  - fix: ConfigItemStringList copy missed some entries
  - fix: crash when routing detection status of WiFi Drone detector through HTTP connection
  - fix: linux build
  - fix: linux build
  - fix: Picture for IntelleNet PDU
  - fix: Picture for NRP-Z11
  - fix: Picture for NRQ6 Power Sensor
  - fix: Staging generator
05.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8160
  - add: SUITE-1481 3D Topographic Triangulation Heatmap
04.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8158
  - fix: crash with invalid correction sets
04.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8155
  - add: SUITE-1486 show antenna names in drone info field
  - fix: reading of older drone tracking data from file
04.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8152
  - add: "IQ WiFi Drone Detector" package
  - fix: crash on V6 shutdown due to racing condition with health status
  - fix: FileSystemLayer scan file
  - fix: Migration Task Dialog
03.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8142
  - fix: remove excessive debug logging
03.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8140
  - fix: Block Graph Explorer files
02.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8137
  - add: Spectran V6 Sweep Generator package
  - fix: Data Migration Dialog, test files was written into the wrong folder.
  - fix: jitter in stored spectra snapshots
  - fix: linux build
  - fix: linux build
  - Fix: Missing entries in AppPackgeUploadInfo
02.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8129
  - add: IQ WiFi Drone Detector factory
  - fix: assert in status charts
  - fix: assert in xy status chart
  - fix: SUITE-1434 use wider lines for statistics XY charts
  - fix: SUITE-1503 output of IQ ADSB decoder
  - fix: V6 startup hickup due to synch of USB data and boost channels
01.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8117
  - add: auto spectrum downsampling to histogram block for huge spectra
  - add: implement "step over" await expression in JS async functions
  - fix: improve stop/start stability of V6 block
29.01.2021 - v1.5.152.8095
  - add: WinSCP for Powershell
  - fix: Crash when reading broken crypted files
  - fix: RADA Radar
29.01.2021 - v1.5.152.8078
  - add: AnkCmd
  - add: Help Package
  - add: IQ MavLink Decoder
  - add: IQ MavLink Decoder
  - add: Package Block Graph Explorer
  - add: Package CyAPI Plugin
  - add: Package DDS Observer
  - add: Package Drone Location Calibration
  - add: Package Drone Thermal Tracking
  - add: Package Drone Video Patterns
  - add: Package Drone Video Traking
  - add: Package Echodyne Echoguard Radar
  - add: Package FLARM Decoder
  - add: Package Flir Radar
  - add: Package Harmonics Spectrum Analyer
  - add: Package Intellinit PDU
  - add: Package Intermodulation Analyzer
  - add: Package IQ ADSB Decoder
  - add: Package IQ Pulse Inspector
  - add: Package IsoLOG 3D Watchdog
  - add: Package IVI Foundation VISA
  - add: Package Map Heathrow
  - add: Package NRP-Z11 Power Sensor
  - add: Package NRQ6 Power Sensor
  - add: Package RADA Radar
  - add: Package RETIA Radar
  - add: Package Robin Radar
  - add: Package Short Burst Suppression Filter
  - add: Package UFO Generator
  - add: Package WIFI SSID Detector
  - add: RTSA_Staging_Generator_v4
28.01.2021 - v1.5.152.8011
  - fix: crash with downscaling odd size large spectra
  - fix: SUITE-1476 show user markers reset after reload
28.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7996
  - add: add some samples to JSIQA documentation
  - add: harmonics and intermodulation analyzer blocks
  - fix: add missing factories
  - fix: reset to default in script blocks