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Stream Splitter Block

The Stream Splitter block splits the output of the Stream Merger block back to the original streams:

Stream Splitter Block

Left hand side input:

  • Mux (combined streams)

Right hand side output:

  •  Out (Streams, up to 16)

Up to 16 streams (any data type e.g. I/Q, SPECTRA, Video, JSON, etc.) could be within the Mux stream. At the Stream Selection output you can connect any block that might match to one of those streams within the mux stream. This allows to easily save and replay multiple related streams in a time-synchronized way. You can even reassign the streams to different outputs or create multiple outputs for the same stream:

Splitter Block Setup

Typical missions:

Stream Splitter Typical Missions

Drone Detection Software Setup with RF Detector, Radar, Jammer an Camera

One major use case for this is to feed the Mux stream of the Stream Merger into a HTTP Server, and retrieve the original streams by connecting the Stream Splitter to a HTTP client. That way only a single HTTP connection has to be configured, independent of how many streams are actually transferred.

Stream Multiplexing SourceStream Multiplexing Target