RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.1

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Spectrum Stitcher Block

The Spectrum Stitcher block merges/stitches multiple Spectra streams to a single new spectra stream:

Spectrum Stitcher Block | Expand the Real-Time Bandwidth

Left hand side input:

  • Spectra (up to 8 streams)

Right hand side output:

  •  Stitched (new, combined Spectra)


Up to 8 streams (Spectra) can be combined to a single new spectra stream. A great block to expand the RTBW e.g. by combining the streams of multiple SPECTRAN V6: With 8 SPECTRAN v6, streaming a RTBW of 245MHz, you get a new RTBW of 8x245MHz = 1960MHz RTBW. In this case the "Configure Analyzer" option will setup all connected SPECTRAN V6 units fully automatic to reach the wanted new RTBW. In addition you can add an Adaptive Sync, choose between different Time Steps (min, average, any and max) and an Overlap Combiner algorithm (max, min, avg, power and smooth):

Spectrum Stitcher Block Setup

A screnshot showing 3 IQ Signal Generator blocks running differnt generators at different frequencies stitched together by the Spectrum Stitcher block to a new single spectrum:

Spectrum Stitcher Screenshot

Two streams showing the same signal with and without amplifier from two different SPECTRAN V6 stitched together:

Spectrum Stitching expanding the Bandwidth

Typical Missions:

Spectrum Stitcher Block | Expand the RTBW