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Spectran V6 TX mode does not wok

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I'm newby with Spectran V6.

Can you explain me how to turn on TX port on my Spectran.

I use IQ Signal generator connected IQ out of generator to IQStream1 of Spectran.

My TX mode all the time is off, and other options stay inactive.

What I do wrong?

Did you activate your keys?

No. But let me check. I'll write back.

In my Licenses window I see all green.


Which SPECTRAN V6 are we speaking about? 250x, 500x or 2000x ?


Did you try to run some of the Tx mission at ?

Ok, I tried simple mission IQ to TX. Before this I save RTSA file with an IQ content.

When I load the mission the TX mode is Stream, but TX indicator does not on (stays grey).

And one more, if I change TX mode to "off" then I can't turn it back to "Stream". I use the appropriate antenna in the TX port.

You seem to have no Tx key. Where did you get the unit from and does the label say "2000x"?

Oh, I'm very sorry, my mistake, I have the RSA 500x device. I really don't know where it bought from. But we have full complect. Did the seller have to give us the keys?

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