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SPECTRAN V6 Tracking Generator

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Hello. All cables are connected to the device. Please see attached pictures.

SNIP1: Initial state,  Mode REF

SNIP2: After ~40s,  Mode -REF

SNIP3: After ~90s, Mode -REF, added reference trace as instructed

I noticed that the mission you attached was created using a newer version of the SW (which i guess is not available yet). Any ideas on how to proceed ?

Uploaded files:

Quite strange. Please contact our sales to give you a try on the latest version.

I've just send off an email asking for the latest version. If you can, please ask them to get back to me as soon as possible given that I have another 4 days to evaluate and decide whether to keep it or return it. Thank you.


I was provided with the latest SW version ( and now the TG is working as per your example mission. Also I noticed that the acquisition process is now much faster and the general response of the SW feels faster as well. I would suggest to officially release this SW version as soon as possible for the rest of the forum members to enjoy. Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback. Will do 🙂

Actual version now available at:

RTSA-Suite PRO 11700 download

Just installed it. Looks good.

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