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The SPECTRAN V6 offers 4 main RTBWs up to 245MHz depending on the unit and installed options:

  • 80MHz (via 1 USB only)
  • 120MHz (via 1 USB only)
  • 160MHz (via 2 USB)
  • 245MHz (via 2 USB)

In addition those main spans can be divided by 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 and 512 which will offer a lower noise floor, smaller RBW and higher sensitivity.

To keep the noise floor "perfectly" flat we are limiting the main RTBWs a bit by default but all RTBWs can be expanded to a "full" bandwidth mode which boosts the RTBW by up to 20%:

  • 92,16MHz (default 76,32MHz)
  • 122,88MHz (default 101,76MHz)
  • 184,32MHz (default 152,64MHz)
  • 245,76MHz (default 203,52MHz)

Attached are 4 screenshots showing the same signal mix with different RTBWs (80MHz, 120MHz, 160MHz and 245MHz):

80 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth (RTBW) Spectrum

120 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth (RTBW) Spectrum

160 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth (RTBW) Spectrum

245 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth (RTBW) Spectrum

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