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Signal Event Power Trace

The Signal Event Power Trace block offers an ID (device) specific event & power timeline graph:

Signal Event Power Trace Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Events


This is a "must have" to monitor specific IDs/devices e.g. MAC addresses or even a complex communication between two devices especially within a complex or crowded communication environment.

The power graph offers a great tool for direction finding of the selected ID/device.

The monitoring is adjustable over a long time periode since you have full control over the time compression (Up to 100k). In addition the block offers a fully adjustable power scale and you can zoom within the graph at any time. The setup is quite simple.

You only need to set at least one of the following filters:

  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Conversation

ID Settings


A typical running mission might look like:



Accurate timing measurement (Wi-Fi beacon):

Timing measurement


Typical mission:

Typical mission

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Hello, will it be possible to try these new blocks as a DEMO, I think they would be useful. Thanks

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All potential customer can ask for a limited trial but need the IQ Signal Classifier too.