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Saved traces don't get displayed when loading .rmix file

When I save traces as reference in an rmix file they won't get displayed if I reload the file.

I have to start the spectran sweep for the traces to show up which makes it impossible to view traces on another computer which doesn't have the device attached


Also peak markers don't work or update correctly if the view is set to logarithmic scaling

Product: Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO
BuildDate: 2022.5.6

Uploaded files:
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Yes, this is annoying. I made a post about it awhile ago to no response, if I remember correctly.

It should be rather straight forward to load a saved trace into RTSA and have it displayed without the need of having the Spectran up and running.

As a workaround, you can substitute the V6 with an IQ Signal Generator (+ IQ Power Spectrum) to feed the views with the proper frequency boundaries to display the reference traces.