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Rapid Change of Sample Rate - IQ Power Spectrum


I see a rapid change of the FFT rate and sampling rate GHz/s in IQ power spectrum menu. Why is it changing and is it related to the actual data sample rate? I assume that data sample rate should be fixed for a certain frequency span.




You have 4 main sample rates (select under IQ rate).

All other rates are based on additional/selected decimation e.g., smaller span, demodulator block etc.

Thank you for your quick reply.

In the attached screenshots, in the IQ power spectrum's legend you can see two rates e.g. 39.1 FFT/s / 3.98GHZ/s. What do these numbers represent? and why are they changing?   39.1FFT/s -->24.4FFT/s .....


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Likely because you are at almost 100% CPU saturation, so your system can't handle the incoming data fast enough (also see the yellow Rx warning) and is dropping samples. Try to lower the FFT and/or V6 settings until the CPU saturation indicator is no longer red and the Rx indicator is green.