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NOW AVAILABLE: Radial Isotropic OmniLOG PRO Antenna Series

We will soon offer a new OmniLOG series covering 400MHz to 18GHz (usable down to 100MHz) with integrated SMA cable. The new antennas can also be used as transmitter antennas with up to 100W CW.

IsoLOG PRO Ultra Broadband Antenna

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The new OmniLOG PRO antenna series is now available in our online shop.

Forgive my ignorance, but can you clarify for me the radiation pattern for this range (for example the 1030).. Is it a donut shape on the horizontal or does it also have good coverage of the vertical area above the antenna? (if standing upright). I'm asking, because the gain diagram shows rather worse gain than the similar spec Poynting antenna that I am using, which in my tests averages 2 to 3 dBi in the common public mobile bands.

This is a very small UWB antenna for quick mounting so you will never get a "flat" gain as an antenna extra made for a small specific band. We offer biconical antennas (BicoLOG series)  which offer a "perfect gain" but are bigger in size.

As an OMNI antenna it offers no ISOTROPIC pattern. If you are in need of an isotropic antenna please use our IsoLOG 3D Mobile antenna series.



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Thankyou for answering my question. I understand now.  Yes I had looked at the Bicolog series, but it costs 2000 euros for the one I need and although the gain is flat, it is only up to 1.5dBi and falls rapidly after 1ghz.  It's not a flat gain graph I need, but for the 3 or 4 most common gsm mobile bands I need the gain to be ok.  Surprisingly the small Poynting omni I have is at about 2dBi or more at these common bands. It would be great if such an antenna exists somewhere in Aaronia shop))