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NEW: Time Gated Measurement / Trigger

The Pulsed Waterfall block now includes a Gated Period Trigger which allows a gated measurement e.g. to extract interfering signals for a better tracking of the source.

We are generating a pulsed QAM signal together with a interfering CW within the same frequency range for test purpose:

Within the "Waterfall Original Signal" you can see this signal mix. Lets say we want to focus on the interfering CW signal only so we want to get rid of the QAM signal. With the help of the Time gating and the Trigger we can now remove the pulsed QAM signal by simply setting an area between the QAM pulses at the "Pulsed Waterfall" spectrum. We now only get the interfering CW signal. This will allow us a much simpler tracking of the signal:

Time Gated RF Signal Measurement


But even the other way is possible e.g. lets track the QAM signal. In this case we simply stitch those pulses to a steady data stream which is much simpler to track:

Gated RF Measurement


Attached the used mission setup and the mssion for download:

Gated Spectrum Measurement

Uploaded files:
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