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NEW: New Firmware with optimized USB handling

We will soon offer a new SPECTRAN V6 firmware that even runs on crappy USB hardware and can handle bad performance USB cable.

More to  come soon.

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The new firmware is now ready and included in build V2.1.1.10430 or higher.

NOTE: Make sure to disconnect ALL USB cable of the SPECTRAN V6 after firmware update. This will force the unit to generate a new USB calibration, otherwise the new update will have no effect.

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Who is it possible to find? I haven't found him.

Please contact sales for download instructions since this is a BETA Version.

What is the version number of the new USB firmware? I have seen USB version 0.4.404.B in some forum posts.

In the current beta versions of the RTSA suite, my V6 devices only update to USB version 0.4.254.F, while the FPGA version appears up to date on 2.6.3 / 2.8.0 / 0.7.

Each RTSA-Suite PRO contains the firmware required to run the build and is updated fully automatically.

Don't make any manual firmware upgrades.

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