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The MultiSpectral block shows all fundamentals and harmonics within the frequency spectrum e.g. from pulsed or frequency modulated signals. The more stable the repetition within the frequency domain the higher the color value:

MultiSpectral Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra


With the MultiSpectral block you can see the fundamentals and harmonics from all pulsed or frequency modulated signals within the frequency spectrum at a glance. Persistance, Bins, Sampling Rate and Windowing Functions are adjustable. In addition you can remove all harmonics with a single mouse click to see the fundamentals only:

MultiSpectral Block Settup

A screenshot showing all Signals and Harmonics from GSM bases stations:

MultiSpectral Screenshot showing all Harmonics from GSM Basestations

The same screenshot but now with fundamentals only:

MultiSpectral showing all LTW Basestations and corresponding pulsed signals

A typical Mission:

MultiSpectral Typical Mission