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Make GPS stream time available via (S)NTP

We are setting up a NTP or SNTP interface to access the new GPS/GNS generated stream time. It might be a new block with a GPS input that can be connected to either a Spectran V6 or a GPS block, and the (S)NTP interface on a configurable port. More to come soon

This feature will be available in the next version of the RTSA-Suite PRO. It requires to have a Spectran V6 RSA with both "GPS" and "GPS Stream" (available in the shop soon) options enabled, and a GPS antenna connected to the GPS port of the Spectran V6 that can receive the GPS signal (so ideally it has line-of-sight to several satellites). Then it is possible to synchronize the internal RTSA time with the timing information of the GPS signal using the following settings:

Settings to enable GPS time synchronization

When this is working, it is now also possible to synchronize the time of other systems on the network to this time using the new NTP server settings available in the Extras -> Configuration -> NTP Server dialog:

RTSA NTP settings

Simply set "Enable NTP Server" on a single system with the GPS enabled Spectran V6, and "Enable NTP Client" on other systems on the network that should synchronize to that time. For those systems it is also necessary to specify the IP address of the server system.

Now you have a complete network of RTSA systems that are fully synchronized to an accurate GPS timesource!




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